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Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the first Guru, Jagat Guru (spiritual leader of the universe), was the incarnation of God in Kalyug (the present era). HE was born equipped with the supernatural powers by the intangible God. HE, with the highly exalted spiritual preaching, guided humanity to come out from the darkness of materialistic world to the everlasting light of absolute Truth and knowledge. With the emergence of Guru Nanak, the mist of ignorance disappeared and the world was lit with divine knowledge.

Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji came into this world with a noble mission of spreading peace and harmony in the society which was deeply engrossed in the pursuit of materialism. HIS concept of Nirmal Panth (pure path) was guided and enlightened by the divine theory of ONENESS and PURITY. HE made the humanity understand and realize that soul is the minute manifestation of omnipresent GOD. One should see the soul as a representation of Almighty, so as to feel the presence of God in each living being. HIS aim was to bestow the humanity with a spiritual purification so as to liberate it from the vicious cycle of life and death.

Universal brotherhood, love all, help all, serve all were His basic ethics. With this foresight, Guru Nanak Dev ji founded the unique Nirmal Panth (pure path), the emergence of which has been described by Bhai Gurdas in the following verse:

With the passage of time, Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji (The Tenth Guru), gave an organized form to 'Nirmal Panth' in the year of 1686 A.D. at HIS Camp at Sri Paonta Sahib. This Holy Place is situated at the banks of river Yamuna, now located in Distt. Sirmaur of Himachal Pradesh. During HIS stay of 4 years 3 months here, this place was developed by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Among the many activities concluded by HIM, one was the formation of ‘Nirmaley Saints’. He showered HIS Blessings upon HIS five promised Sikh disciples, invested them with saffron robes and declared “Now you are my Nirmaley Saints”. These five saints named Bhai Karam Singh ji, Bhai Ram Singh ji , Bhai Ganda Singh ji, Bhai Vir Singh ji and Bhai Saina Singh ji were then sent to Kashi (Banaras) to gain divine knowledge. With the blessings of 'The Guru' they acquired vast and deep knowledge from Vedas and shastras in all the six philosophies. After that, they became great scholars and reached at the Holy feet of Sri Guru Gobind Singh ji at Sri Anandpur Sahib in 1699 A.D. To preach basic principles of the mission of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Maharaj, Guru ji blessed and ordered the five ‘Nirmaley Saints’ to spread the message of the Guru (Gurmat) throughout India and abroad.

Nirmal Ashram is related to the "Nirmal Panth" and is deeply involved in performing selfless services in social, educational, medical and vocational fields. Also the ashram under the kind leadership of its present spiritual head, Mahant Baba Ram Singh Ji Maharaj is actively spreading the holy message of Gurbani at national and international level.

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